A Brief Intro

My name is Scott Kitun and for the past 10+ years I've been building and investing in businesses at the intersection of Tech and Media.

I co-founded the music creator platform Songfinch to solve a forever problem in music (where only the top 2% represent nearly 90% of all dollars earned) by enabling anyone to collaborate with amazingly talented artists and create their own custom songs; resulting in over 250,000 new songs and more than $25 Million to paid out to independent musicians.

Prior to Songfinch, I founded Technori, the original Startup Showcase and first-ever radio show and event series to feature startup founders pitching directly to a live audience of retail and accredited investors — which helped launch hundreds of startups including Cameo, Hologram, Logicgate and Shipbob.

I'm also an angel investor in over a dozen startups including two unicorns, Republic and Apollo and a founding partner in Off Center Ventures.

Technori’s Mission

Startup investing is still mostly a rich man’s game; we want to change this by providing access to great founders and helping new investors learn how to better identify a good investment opportunity.

Why It Matters

Over the next ten years more than half of current S&P 500 companies will be replaced with technology driven, high-growth companies that haven’t even been formed yet. But, those startups will need money to grow and many of the founders of the future are not going to come from the top 1%, which means they’ll need your help to get funded.

Silicon Valley is an amazing place that has funded startups for decades, but its monoculture has become increasingly apparent in recent years. And, with tech hubs like Chicago, Austin, Boston and others growing at a rapid pace due to access to lower costs and more diverse economies — the time for change is now!

Fortunately, equity crowdfunding opened the door for those previously excluded from startup investing to fund the companies they believe in. This makes room for more entrepreneurs — because in a world where anyone can fund anyone, more ideas get off the ground.

What You Get

Every week I feature a new startup that’s publically fundraising via Reg CF (if you don't know what that is, click here) then breakdown the pitch and deal terms.

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